Our Favorite Fall Trends

It’s time to cool off from the summer heat with fall’s most popular trends. Bring out the bold colors and warm color accents, cozy fabrics, houseplants and velvet. Yes, you heard that right. We’ll give you all the details to bring some of that summer warmth into your home this fall.

As the season gets a little cooler, it might be time to refresh your living spaces. Using the following styles, you can help transition your space from summer to fall. While these trends may be popular for fall of 2018, you should create a space that makes you feel at home no matter the season. Although, we must say that the velvet couch may end up being your new best friend as the colder months approach.

Black and White

During this past year we have seen a lot of black and white décor that is paired with tropical, earthy vibes. This black and white décor trend will carry well into the fall with its neutral and bold palette that works with a variety of textures and accent colors.

Velvet and Mustard Accent

Expected to be one of fall’s biggest trends, velvet will bring a new sense of style and comfort to your living space. The sleek and soft texture will make you want to spend your afternoon curled up reading your favorite book. Paired with one of the most popular accent colors this fall, mustard will bring a little pizazz to your neutral rooms. Now you can create this charming fall composition we know you’ve been waiting for all year.

Navy and Blush

The perfect backdrop to the changing seasons, berry tones will be the biggest color combo this fall. Blues, blushes and lilacs will offer a serene tone to your space, and when combined with white, will offer a crisp and fresh look.

Jewel Tones

Bring the luxurious and rich colors of emerald, garnet and sapphire hues into your home this fall. Combined with berry tones, these colors are a striking way to add warmth to the home as the weather gets cooler.


Bring the outdoors inside to create a natural and welcoming space. Tropical greenery and succulents are the most ideal houseplants that can give your space new life. If you’re going for an earthy style, pair your houseplants with warm cozy fabrics and natural wooden tones.

Cozy Vibes

Everyone’s definition of cozy may be different, so it’s important for you to create your own cozy vibe. Whether you’re a fan of art and paintings or a fan of vases and ornaments, take your own personal interests and use those items to create one big cozy home. Use this freedom to express yourself and make your home yours.

What trend are you most looking forward to this fall?

What’s Hot in Kitchen Design

It’s 2018 and every single home is different, including the kitchen. Everything from countertops, appliances and cabinetry to disappearing hood vents. Poof! We’ve got you covered with today’s hottest kitchen design and décor trends.

Put aside your chef hat, just for a minute, and say hello to the designer in you. The kitchen has extended beyond cooking in this age of advancing technology; it’s become your new design paradise. While these styles might be the hottest in 2018, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create all these styles in your kitchen. You should choose a style that fits your own needs and your own personal life. But, we must say that marble or quartz with metal inlays would make your kitchen look stunning!

Eat-In Kitchens & Banquet Seating

Does your family crowd around the kitchen like it was your living room? We thought so, us too. Eat-in kitchens and banquet seating having become an extremely popular alternative to the traditional dining room setting. Granted you have enough space, this trend makes a long day easier when you don’t have to walk to and from the kitchen carrying food or dishes. Now you can conveniently sit down and enjoy dinner with the family.


Marble isn’t something too new to 2018, but its timeless style has gone beyond countertops to now walls and floors. Real marble can be expensive and hard to maintain, but luckily there are alternative options like man-made quartz or porcelain look-alikes that look just as good as the real thing with less maintenance and expense. Now, you don’t have to be royalty to make your kitchen look sleek, elegant and stunning.


Cabinets are being taken in all different directions. Everything from flat-front cabinetry, no upper cabinets, open shelving to warmer and sleeker styles. As a result of a minimalist style trend, homeowners are opting for a more open and airy look with no upper cabinetry and open shelving simply for display purposes. Pulled off successfully, this can create a minimal and sleek kitchen style. While shaker style cabinets will always be in trend, flat-front cabinetry has also become popular by opting for less hardware and more minimalism on the surfaces. Warmer and darker colors have become a favorite for these flat-front cabinetries.

Dark Fixtures & Metal Accents

It’s true, black will work with just about any style and color palette while delivering a sleek look. Dark fixtures like cabinetry, lights and stools and hardware like faucets have been a popular go to. They add a certain simple, modern and visual aesthetic and the best part is they don’t show wear and tear as easily. However, stay away from making your kitchen too dark by placing these elements strategically throughout the kitchen. This isn’t a bat cave!

Wood (like) Floors

Wood looking floors can offer a kitchen a warm and cozy feeling unlike any other flooring options. This is a solid choice when it comes to kitchen flooring; it’s a trend that will always be popular. It has the ability to unite an open floor plan and adapt to various kitchen styles. There are a wide variety of flooring options that are able to come in the style of a wood look, making it extremely easy to customize your floors appearance and feel to your liking.

Hidden Hood Vents

Hood vents have become an essential appliance to homeowners, keeping the kitchen air fresh and clean. However, depending on your kitchen style and your type of vent, it may stick out like a sore thumb. The newest trend is hiding and concealing the hood vent to seamlessly blend into the kitchen environment. This allows your kitchen’s style to flow smoothly and not make any appliance the star of the show.

Square and Personalized Tiles

While tiles may have been popular in the 80’s and 90’s, everything makes a comeback with good reason. They’re not only great looking, but easily accessible and affordable. Square porcelain tiles are one of the most stocked items on shelves and therefore easily inexpensive. If you’re feeling up for it, you may even want to use personalized tiles to add specific design or handcrafted feel to your walls. Add these tiles to your backsplash or specific areas on the wall to create a sleek and clean style.

What’s your favorite kitchen trend?

Our Top Flooring Trends

In an age of advancing technology, we have access to products we could have only dreamed of. Step into today’s most popular flooring trends and you’ll find everything from green based environmentally-friendly flooring to textured and waterproof flooring. With so many varieties of flooring available, you can choose one that perfectly fits your everyday lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the most current flooring trends and why they’re your next ideal floor.

Waterproof Flooring

Welcome to 2018, where waterproof flooring no longer has to be tile. Now, waterproof flooring can be anything from carpet to vinyl to laminate. All of these options vary in design and style, while protecting your floors from extreme water damage. Be prepared for the next time your washing machine decides to spontaneously leak and destroy your laundry room floors with durable waterproof flooring.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

One trend that has become more important to homeowners in recent years is environmentally friendly and responsible flooring. Today, many homeowners want to know if the materials used for their flooring meet the requirements of being natural, recyclable, renewable and perhaps even home-grown. Bamboo, cork, linoleum, glass tiles, concrete, wool carpeting, leather, rubber, and reclaimed hardwood are all eco-friendly flooring solutions you may be interested in for your next flooring option.

Textured Flooring

Textured flooring is changing things up a bit by mimicking classic hardwood with wire brushed, hand scraped, and fully distressed floor styles. Whether you’re feeling smooth, rippled, grainy or velvety, a textured floor has the power to invigorate, calm, energize or comfort you. These flooring options can come in wood, laminate and a variety of other options.

Wood-look Flooring

While wood-look floors aren’t anything new to 2018, more and more manufacturers are offering wood-look flooring for laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tile. Wood-look flooring has actually been one of the top flooring trends for 2 years in a row now, allowing you to acquire the same elegant look with wood-look flooring, but at a fraction of the price!

What’s your favorite flooring trend?

How to Remove Summer Stains From Your Floors

As summer has officially begun, it’s time to prepare for all the tough stains that come with it; ketchup and mustard at the family barbeque, grass stains from soccer, and fresh picked berry stains. As the family brings more of the outdoors inside this summer, the key to keeping your floors stain free is to act as quickly as possible. Stains can happen anywhere and at any time, but with these floor cleaning tips, we’ll make sure they’re only temporary.

Ketchup and Mustard

Sometimes the barbecue doesn’t always stay outside and you’re left with those red and yellow stains on your carpet. If you think that they’ll never come out, think again!

Begin by scraping or blotting up the excess spill. Using a damp towel, apply detergent solution and leave on for three to five minutes. Proceed to blot (don’t rub) the stain. Apply undiluted white vinegar using a damp towel and finish off strong by blotting with a weighted pad of paper towels. Just like that, your carpets have bounced back from that rowdy barbeque!

Grass Stains

Summer means fresh cut grass and running around barefoot, and when your kids leave little green footprints on your carpet, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Begin by applying a dry cleaning solvent onto a damp towel, proceed to blot (don’t rub) the stained area. Repeat solvent application once more, making sure to apply the solvent onto the damp towel first. Apply water to the stains using a damp towel and finish by blotting the stains with a weighted pad of paper towels. Grass stains be gone!


There’s nothing more enjoyable than a beautiful summer day spent berry picking. Red and blue are great colors for the Fourth of July, but there’s nothing worse than bright red and blue berry stains on your floors.

To remove stains, begin by scraping or blotting up the excess spill and then apply detergent solution onto a damp towel. Blot the towel (don’t rub). Apply white vinegar (undiluted) to a damp towel, then blot (don’t rub) onto the stain. Finish up by applying water with a damp sponge, and then blot with a weighted pad of paper towels.

What stains do you need help removing?

Our Top 5 Interior Design Trends of the Summer

Prepare for the heat wave as summer unleashes its hot interior design trends upon us. Whether you’re inspired by the stunning beauty of indigo blue or wish to liven up your room with greenery, we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite summer trends below to give inspiration on how you can incorporate these looks into your very own interiors.

Indigo Blue

A mix of blue and violet, indigo is a classy yet edgy shade of blue that is equal parts moody, bold, and peaceful. Indigo blue can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways depending on what look you’re going for. Indigo works well on walls in rooms that are meant to evoke a calming effect, such as a reading or dining room.

On walls, indigo is comforting and elegant, but if you’d rather use this color in a less bold way, try incorporating the color into your pillows, window treatments, furniture, decorative bowls, or area rugs.


Providing feelings of warmth, happiness, and energy, we are seeing a continued increase in greenery being incorporated into home décor. Decorating with green brings the outdoors in, especially when houseplants are involved. Houseplants boast many health benefits including purifying your air, but they also increase levels of happiness and well-being.

If you have trouble keeping plants alive, try fake plants, and if that’s still not up your alley, bring green to your walls, furniture, or home accents. Green throw pillows, artwork, curtains, and bedding are all simple ways to incorporate this trend.


If you’re looking for ways to add glamour and glitz to your space, go for gold. This classy color works wonders in accent pieces, such as mirrors, hardware, and light fixtures. A little goes a long way, so these little pops of gold in your room can really make an impact in your space, especially when paired with darker colors, such as navy and black. You can give your kitchen an entirely new look simply by replacing old, plain hardware with golden knobs and handles. Remember, not all renovations have to be expensive or large in size.

Curated Spaces

As people have become more comfortable and open with expressing themselves through their home décor, there has been an increase in curating spaces to reflect one’s personality and past experiences. A curated home incorporates accessories and furniture that have been collected over the years, aiding in telling one’s story.

It involves mixing and matching patterns, embellishments, colors, and textures, to create a space that feels like home; such as pairing vintage décor with bright furniture.

Pops of Color

Who doesn’t love walking into a room full of bright, bold colors and feeling an instant pick me up? Pops of color is a trend that we will continue to see incorporated in home décor, as it serves to bring character, personality, and energy to a space.

Try mixing bright colors together through an area rug or artwork, or decorate with a mix of bright pieces, such as a couch, pillows, and lamps. No matter how many bright colors you decorate with, or how you incorporate them into your design, you can make a vibrant splash with this trend.

What trend are you most looking forward to incorporating this summer?

Everything You Need to Know About Hardwood Flooring

If you’re in the market for new hardwood floors, you possibly face the decision of solid hardwood vs. engineered hardwood. With any flooring product, there are pros and cons, but these will be specific to each individual household as you take into account budget, lifestyle, and needs.

Hardwood floors are a big investment, so it’s important that you factor in the possibility that over time, your hardwood might develop gaps in between the planks.

Why Does Your Hardwood Floor Experience Gaps?

Gaps in hardwood floors are common over the course of a wood’s life. As the weather and seasons change, hardwood is prone to expanding and contracting from heat, causing gaps between planks. If your floors have been exposed to water-damage, boards are more likely to form gaps as the wood shrinks when it has dried out.

Engineered Hardwood: The Solution for Preventing Hardwood Floor Gaps

While hardwood floors in the home are sought out by many homeowners, there is the possibility of gaps developing in the floor, which makes engineered hardwood a great alternative. This type of flooring can reduce gaps between planks, allowing the layers of plywood to shift and move more easily when adjusting to humidity changes.

How to Find the Right Hardwood Floor for Your Home

If you decide to have hardwood floors installed, it is important that you have your installer perform a humidity level test and acclimate the hardwood to your home. This will be extremely important if you live in a humid area, as it can cause warping, bowing, splitting, and gaps. By measuring your home’s humidity levels, your installer will be able to recommend the best floor for your home. Your hardwood will also have to acclimate to your home’s humidity and temperature, which means that your new flooring has to rest inside your home for up to a week and a half before it can be installed for best results.

For more information on our beautiful and reliable hardwood selection, visit our website today!

What Is Laminate Flooring?

What Is Laminate

A popular choice in the consumer market, laminate flooring comes in a wide range of finishes, allowing you to create a room that fits your needs and wants. Due to its construction and durability, laminate is great for entry ways, hallways, and living rooms.

Is Laminate Flooring Plastic?

Laminate flooring is not made out of plastic. In the early years, due to appearance and design being sacrificed for affordability, laminate did in fact look as if it were made of plastic. Now, due to innovative manufacturing, laminate looks as if it is solid hardwood or stone, but is much more affordable.

What is Laminate Made Of?

Laminate flooring is constructed of 4 layers; wear, design, core, and the back layer. Each layer serves a distinct purpose and is fused together using high heat and intense pressure. Below is a breakdown of these layers.

  • Back Layer: bottom layer; responsible for protecting the plank against moisture, and balances the floor.
  • Core Layer: above the back layer; is a durable, high-density board that protects from indentations and moisture.
  • Design Layer: above the core layer; has a high-resolution photograph of the floor’s surface appearance.
  • Wear Layer: top layer; is a clear layer that is made of aluminum oxide that protects against fading, stains, and surface burns.

How Durable is Laminate?

Thanks to its multi-layer construction, laminate makes for an extremely durable product. Laminate is resistant to scratches, fading, and is easy to clean. Laminate’s durability allows for the absorption of heavy traffic, making it an ideal flooring choice for active families who have kids and pets running around. This product is good for kitchens and baths only if proper precautions are put in place like a moisture barrier, but we do not recommended laminate for areas with high moisture. With proper care, laminate can look as good as day 1 for years to come.

For more information on laminate flooring, stop by our store or give us a call and we’d be happy to help you with your flooring needs!